4pc Damaged Screw Extractor

  • $27.00

  • Highlights:
  • Removes any stripped screw in 10 seconds or less
  • Can remove 4" long deck screws out of redwood even if you break the head of the screw or bolt
  • Whether a Philips head, flat head, hex head or even painted-over screws, Speed Out gets them all out
  • Made of durable hardened steel
  • A must-have for any tool box
  • No more hassles
  • No more frustrations
  • No more wasted time
 Speed Out    Screws Bolts
#1 No.4-No.7 5mm
#2 No.8-No.10 6mm
#3 No.11-No.14 8mm
#4 No.16-No.24 10mm

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